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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Food Fest: West Asian style

January 25, 2012
4th Floor, NCAS Building, UPLB
Our gorgeous Persian model
Our mini banquet West Asian style
Every GE subject in UPLB has its own perks. Take this one for example, an Asian Food Festival as a requirement in our History 2 class with the course title: Asia, History, and the World. My first experience of a food festival in the university was in my NASC6 (Natural Sciences 6) class which is about Food and Nutrition. Of course there were no questions asked. But a food festival in History 2? We sure were a little surprised. For the record, the same subject also offers an educational tour either in Manila or in Corregidor (they said we are not required to go but that's not really the case you know) plus it also offers us the choice to attend concerts/plays/etc. for bonus points or what they call as incentives ( but do we really have a choice? sayang kaya ng incentives). So what does this imply, that we can BUY our grades now? Save your thoughts for yourselves because I'm saving mine.

Despite the fact that I am seriously broke now due to contributions, tickets, tour fees, and other payments, I must say that I really had a great time tonight in our food fest. Although we were quite unlucky for having picked West Asia as our region assignment, we did get by. Food was expensive but my groupmates were fun to be with, and Bita, the gorgeous Persian woman who cooked our food, gave us a good deal. Thanks to her really. I just felt a little sad afterwards because lots of food were wasted and were just thrown away since some food were not really appreciated, like our Cezerye. I knew there was much left but I can't tell what happened to it afterwards. I wish that my groupmates gave them to the kids in the streets who don't have enough food to eat tonight. 

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