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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coffee Time

with UP President Alfredo E. Pascual

Ethics and Public Service
Oh hello there Nescafe, business is great huh?
Seems like it, after all, you can afford big stars like Coco Martin to endorse your products.
What an ultimate deal with an ultimate star.

P.S. Boys and girls, let me remind you, us, that coffee isn't water okay?
I understand that it makes you cool to carry a Starbucks coffee around campus or even office, so goodluck with that.
And when did I ever learn to drink coffee? Oh I remember, late 2011.
In the same way that my tolerance for alcohol is very low, I would keep the same level in terms of coffee intake.
Shouldn't control freaks (|like me) be good at, well, resisting addiction?
I bet I should.
And from peer pressure as well. Conformity. Popular culture. Whatever.
The stage is so UPLB --- plants, plants, plants.
Good thing they got rid of the throw pillows.
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the newly-appointed UPLB Chancellor:
New chancellor = new era
I hope he is as mabait as how he looks.
My friend thought that this idea was creepy.
Biscuits/crackers + coffee = funeral food.
I think she has a point.

Our tummies were very pleased anyway.
We are proud of you, UPLB Chorale Ensemble.
Bring home the bacon from your upcoming competition in Japan this July!
Mabuhay kayo mga Iskolar ng Bayan.

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