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Monday, December 19, 2011

Love Guru, eh?

Let me tell you this: I am no love guru, but I have been in love.

This is a precautionary guide about keeping your heart safe and sound. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to get your fragile heart wounded by some sort of jerk so better know these things now than be sorry later. I wanted to share with you some of the things I learned a few days ago when I got my heart broken by some asshole who didn’t know the concept of a ‘man’. He was a dork. I have no regrets letting him go. May this guide save you from one.

·         Start out as friends. Don’t be too excited about the whole idea of love. It is overwhelming but taking it slowly will surely give you a great and fun experience. Cherish and enjoy every moment that you spend together. Get to know him better. Your friendship will be your foundation so better make it strong and firm.
·         Be modest. You need to gain his respect. You can be the western style which is romantic and passionate but make sure to balance it off with the eastern style which is traditional and conservative so that your guy will treat you right while enjoying your relationship at the same time.
·         Take risks. Afraid of getting hurt? Love and pain always go together. Still, love is worth giving a try. Be brave. You can only learn to stand up when you fall down. It’s natural, so face your fears.
·         Give it your best shot. Be the best lover you can be. Be nurturing, understanding, and loving. Show him how great it is to have you.
·         Stay beautiful, in and out. Make him fall in love with you every day. Be the only apple of his eyes.
·         Be a woman. You need not be a feminist who fights for women’s rights all the time. You just need to show him that you are no less than him, that you should be treated equally, and that you are simply amazing.
·         Choose him well. Is he in a relationship? How many ex’s and flings has he had in the past? To get rid of troubles, find a partner who is single and emotionally prepared to enter a relationship. 

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