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Monday, December 19, 2011

Love Notes

We all have stories to tell. Some are long while some are short. Some have good endings but some have bad ones. Some are told and some are kept. Nonetheless, there is one element of a story that makes the story truly matter – the lesson.

In this composition, I am not telling any story rather I am sharing lessons I have gained from one of the sweetest stories of my life themed on love. Love stories aren’t rare, but those with happy endings are scarce. My love story didn’t end exactly the way I wanted it to be but it has reached its end and that means only one thing: our love wasn’t meant to be.

Now here are the lessons I would gladly share with the world:
1.       Love will give us a hard time, but in the end, we become stronger.
2.       When one chooses to love, one also chooses to get hurt. Love and pain are inevitably inseparable.
3.       Once two people start off as lovers, it is hard for them to end up as friends.
4.       Fall in love with the person, not with love.
5.       Allow yourself to be miserable. It helps.
6.       Do not let pain linger by sulking, rather cry and shout it out.
7.       When things are over, do not think that it already is the end of the world for things will always get better.
8.       When love ends, do not be bitter about love, rather tell yourself to fall in love again.
9.       Finding a new love is the easiest way to move on.
10.   Do not settle for less. You deserve the best.
11.   Love your lover but love yourself more.
12.   Keep your pride and self-respect high.
13.   When you feel weak, remember that you are stronger than you think.
14.   You can be vulnerable but always try to keep yourself in control.
15.   When emotions are high, neither say nor do anything.
16.   Make and keep it personal.
17.   Whether you’re falling in or out of love, always try to keep it slow.
18.   Do not fake your emotions. It will make matters worse.
19.   To love is to overcome one’s weakness.
20.   The more you love, the more you lose.
…and the list goes on.

P.S. I will fall in love again.

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