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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Nightmare for Mindanao

from inquirer.net

Storm ‘Sendong’devastates South
'Sendong' death toll climbs to 56
Battle for Philippine flood rescuers as bodies rot
'Sendong' leaves 440 dead, 200 missing
Cagayan de Oro under state of calamity
Nearly 500 killed in Philippine floods – Red Cross

These were just some of the depressing news headlines in all of Philippines newspapers, television and radio broadcasting networks, and even social networking site since the typhoon 'Sendong' came into the Philippines and destroyed a thousand merry Christmases.

We can only blame the our very own human race for provoking these natural catastrophes to occur for had we been more responsible for and kinder to our environment, we could have spared a good and bearable hundred years more for the upcoming generations. Please, let us not lead ourselves further into our own doom. Geographically-speaking, we cannot at all prevent these storms from happening unless we transfer the 7,107 islands of the Philippines into Mars where there is not at all any typhoons. Same are my attempt to be funny in my previous sentence and our attempt to change for they are both futile. We must do more and seriously. The funny thing about us Filipinos is, our conscious efforts to minimize the effects of natural disasters are in fact equal to our unconscious ways which rather maximize the effects of these catastrophes. We gotta stop waging war with mother nature, for when she strikes, its deadly.

We cannot undo the things that have happened, whether good or bad. So this Christmas, let us be generous to the victims of typhoon 'Sendong' by including them in our prayers (this is the least thing we can do). And perhaps we can also pray for the delay of our soon-to-come end of the world.

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