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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I like food a lot

I cannot stop thinking about food right now. In short, food is literally in my thoughts; so I entitled this post "Food for Thought". I know it's nonsense but admit it or not, eating is still the second best thing in this universe, next to life. But eating is part of life.. And I know that I made no sense and no point again in my previous sentences. Just blabber, blabber, blabber.. Who cares? And what is exactly the point of thinking what other people think about yourself? So pay no heed to the bad and negative things in life; and just look at these photos and see what I'm talking about. Life is as good as these food I've been eating lately. It has been an amazing week because I chose it to be that way. Food for thought: Nothing tastes better than life. 

A typical breakfast in UPLB. Rice + hotdog/ham/tocino/tapa/corned beef/sausage + egg is the perfect breakfast for students! You're even luckier if you have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate at the side. Or better yet, someone to sit and eat beside you. 
Trivia: I only started eating eggs cooked sunny-side-up this college. Now it's my favorite, as long as it's well-done. 

Baby Gino Elijah's christening reception was at a Max's restaurant in Cavite. After a heck of a carnival in the church (there were 50 other babies who were baptized at same church that morning), my aunt and uncle saved the day by serving us a banquet of delightful dishes from Max's. Sinigang na Hipon was my favorite, next to the Bangus (forgot what it is called). I basically love sea foods more than anything. But I also enjoyed their unique Chicken recipe and their chopseuy. I am not a vegetarian but I love vegetables a lot!  

I have a very low tolerance for alcohol, that is for sure. I have made several stupid mistakes because of the lame reason that I was drunk but I also had the best moments when I was drunk. For example, since I had three bottles of drinks that day (three bottles are way beyond my tolerance), I failed to return to LB and work that night. But although I received a monetary punishment in RareJob, I must say that I didn't regret having stayed at my relatives' house because it was one unforgettable moment in my life. In the end, it all depends on the way you handle yourself when drinking. 

First Christmas party: with housemates Camille, Karen, and Leianne @ Pizza Hut. That's Baked Fetuccine Alfredo (I would die just to have a Chicken Alfredo right now) and Pizza Hut's Pizza Supreme. We ended up forcing ourselves to finish up our food because we easily got our empty stomachs full with just a slice of that pizza and half that solo plate of pasta. 
I have to say this by the way: my newest batch of housemates are so far the most peaceful one. Not one argument or cold war with any of them. So glad! 

My lunch date turned merienda date with grade school best friend, Aniks, was a delight! We ordered (or should I say it was Aniks) a plate of Carbonara, Mojos, and Pepperoni Pizza (not in the picture). A table full of really delicious food + a hilarious conversation (as it always has been with Aniks) = one of my best Shakey's experiences ever.

This one I just had an hour ago. This is from Micah's, a famous bake shop here in Elbi (and surely one of the things that I will miss when I leave), and really famous for their Baked Macaroni. I think their recipe is the best one I have ever tasted. I always, always crave for this.

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