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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Because my sister has 4085 (and counting) 'friends' in Facebook

My sister is not a celebrity, but she has 4085 (and counting) Facebook friends.

I am not kidding you; but I do have a request, please do not bother to open her profile anymore to check it out yourself. And even more, please please please do not add her as friend if you're not really friends with her. As her sister, yes I do have a say in this. Or at least I feel responsible for her, and I highly think that having that kind of number of 'friends' in Facebook might be alarming. I admit that I am a cynical person, but to be a little cautious would not do any harm.

Facebook can do so much beyond what we human beings can fathom, unless of course you're Mark Zuckerberg. Since we are thinking individuals, it is our responsibility to assess and be conscious of the things in our environment, especially when we are directly involved. Rephrase, that almost sounded selfish. As part of humanity, we have every bit of responsibility to every other individual because each of us is a part of a bigger and greater whole. It's like the universe is a huge network wherein everything is interrelated and interconnected. When you throw butts of cigarettes on the streets, you make it more difficult for the poor street cleaners to do their job. Those cigarette butts can also clog canals or drainage systems so when a heavy rain pours in, an entire city is flooded. What I'm trying to say is, little things do matter.

Going back to the issue of my sister having 4000+ friends in Facebook, I wonder how many from those 4K+ people are really her friends. And I came through the concept of being a responsible Facebook user. Joining Facebook is like joining a community, an online community. And like in a real community, it's never safe. It's never always safe. Heard of hackers, perverts, maniacs, pedophiles, simply the bad guys in the internet? What if they post an offensive photo or status and those 4000+ friends of yours see it? What will happen to your reputation now or something? You can get kicked out of school, probably lose your friends, or get banned from Facebook. So little things do matter. Joining Facebook might be a little thing for us, but it's consequences, good and bad, may come big. There's nothing to lose if we are prepared for battle. So let's clean our battlefields so we can see clearly if there are enemies approaching, thus we can protect ourselves.

BE A RESPONSIBLE FACEBOOK USER. We'll never know what good or bad things might happen.

So dear sister, please listen to your ate this time. Delete at least half of those people. I know you are Ms. Popular but come on, later in life you'll realize that having quality friends is better than having a circus of people in your life. Trust me, been there, done that. ☺

P.S. I Love You.

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