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Friday, January 20, 2012

My Super Wish

I'm sure #mySUPERWISH has turned the Filipino Twitter community into an online parade of wishful and ambitious individuals who want the Blackberry 9900 so bad. And I am not hypocrite enough to deny that I do not want the BB phone or deny that I did tweet Ms. Bianca Gonzalez this: "#mySUPERWISH is for my papa and mama to fall in love again. The world is a much better place if we let love reign." Shame on me that I even used my parents in this activity. I thought it would catch their attention, turns out, more people have thousand better ideas than mine. Oh well, life is constantly a tough competition.

So I decided to make sense out of this new Twitter craze. I know that there is no Blackberry 9900 that awaits this post but that doesn't matter anymore.

I've come up with a list of #mySUPERWISH:
  • For the Philippines, that our leaders think of themselves less and of the people more. That we may abolish corruption by first abolishing greed. That we may share equal opportunities by being more generous to others. That the state and the church and other institutions hold hands and help one another in reaching out to everyone. And that Filipinos learn to love their country as they love their iPhones and Blackberries.
  • For those who are hurt, that they may heal again. 
  • For those who are happy, that they may spread their joy.
  • For those who are poor, that they may not lose hope in the light of things.
  • For those who are rich, that they may celebrate it with generosity.
  • For those who are alone, that they may see beyond darkness.
  • For those who are consoled, that they may share embraces.
  • For those who are doubtful, that they may find the answers.
  • For those who are optimistic, that they may inspire and motivate.

And for all these wishes to come true. 

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