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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Day to Remember

Once upon a time, there were three girls. 
They were best of friends. 
And they lived happily ever after.

This is how I would write our story, but our story isn't done yet. We are still in the process of gaining experiences and creating memories for me to write here and for the three of us to tell to our future sons and daughters, perhaps grandchildren, and to the rest of the world. As long as there is life, there will also be our friendship. Of course it isn't perfect, but we believe that we are perfect for one another. We may quarrel like normal siblings do, but we never hate one another. We may get busy with other things, but we always have one another in our thoughts. And we may be distant sometimes, but we can feel one another's presence in our hearts. It is the kind of friendship that lasts in both good times and bad times. If I believe in destiny, I'll call our friendship a miracle. If I believe in fairies, I'll call it a wish come true. But I believe in God, so I call our friendship a blessing. 

Dear reader, by reading this, you become part of our story. So thank you. 

A (Birth)Day to Remember

I've always had a special regard for birthdays. More than any occasion, it is the most important for me. I can't let a birthday of mine go by without anything special planned during that day but things didn't turn that way for me. It's my luck in life, I guess. 

Mea, Yen, Thea (during my 19th birthday)
Then I met them. Know what these two did during my birthday last May? I haven't told them this yet, but they did that one thing no one else has done in any of my birthdays. To make me happy and at the same time cry. 

I never got special attention from my family and from anybody else (read: I raised myself in all other aspects, except financially), so I hope you understand why I always want a special treatment during my birthday. It's the only time I can feel special in a year, please let me have it. 

But it's different now. I can feel special even when it's not my birthday, thanks to them For your information, last January 14 was Thea's birthday and on January 17 was Mea's. So it's time to turn up the table.

JANUARY 21, 2012 - The Big, Best, and Belated Birthday Bash (of Mea&Thea)

#1: The Bus Ride
I told you I don't believe in fairies, so there was no flying carpet. Just a Greenstar bus. It's a wifi bus okay, FTW (for the win). It was not our first bus ride together, but it was our best bus ride ever.

#2: La Mesa Dam Eco Park - Picture-Taking Part I
It was a bold idea to bring them there for there was no one to ask information from about the place except for Google. But it worked! Luckily it worked. And I'm glad these two liked it, because if they din't, then I would have to prepare another surprise which they'll like. I know I cannot please everybody, even you guys who are reading this, but I must please these two. Or else. No, there's nothing else. They deserve only the best. 

About the La Mesa Dam Eco Park (for future reference)

Verdict: highly recommended. For those of you who want to try something new, going to La Mesa Dam Eco Park is a great option. It's best for families and barkadas, but even lovers could be love birds in this natural wonder. Everybody's welcome. Besides, it won't be such a burden to your wallets. For those of you who value quality over quantity, try it! You can visit their website for more information : http://www.lamesaecopark.com/

#3: La Mesa Dam Eco Park - Horseback Riding
It was one ride only. One short ride, so we didn't really enjoy it. Besides, Mea was such an animal-lover and an advocate of this Anti-Kalesa campaign for the horses, so she didn't ride one. It was nice after all.

#4: La Mesa Dam Eco Park - Rolling on the Hills
I admit that in our friendship, we have a lot of stupid stories. But this one tops the list. Stupid is fun, hey! This wasn't part of their activities in La Mesa Dam Eco Park, but we did it nonetheless. The crowd loved us! ☺

#5: La Mesa Dam Eco Park - Picture-Taking Part II
Because we're young and fun like that!

 This is where the adventure really begins. We're up for the biggest part of the day! 

#6: La Mesa Dam Eco Park - Wall Climbing
Wall climbing isn't the most fun, but it is the most difficult but most satisfying also. It's like a metaphor for life. When I was halfway, I was trembling, shaking, nervously freaking out, and my hands were losing grasp of the stones or whatever those things are that we need to hold on to. I cried. And I nearly gave up. But Mea and Thea were cheering up for me down in the grounds. My best friends were there and they were cheering up for me! So I gathered all my strength and made it to the top. It was a milestone in my life.
They climbed the wall together.
I didn't have any partner in climbing the wall. 
#7:  La Mesa Dam Eco Park - Zipline
This was absolutely the best part of all. It was easy and fun. Our brave spirits did it twice. At first, we did it the normal way but for the second time, we did it upside down. Yes, our feet up and our heads down. It was extremely fun! Some Indian natives were also at the activity area and I think we made their jaws drop.

#8:  La Mesa Dam Eco Park - Hanging Bridge
Best bridge in the world. 

#9:  La Mesa Dam Eco Park - Rapelling
Was piece of cake. We had so much courage that we gained from our death-defying (laughs) stunts when we ziplined and wall climbed. But we enjoyed it nonetheless.
The team that helped us through and made our day such a great one. 
#10:  Lunch at Tokyo Tokyo in Trinoma
Bet how much hungry we were! Tokyo Tokyo is the best restaurant to dine in because it has unlimited rice and we needed that, badly. 

Then we skip the boring part - an exhausting and disappointing one. We move on to the ONE that made our day. 

#11: KATY PERRY @ SM Mall of Asia
What could be more unbelievable than this one, huh? I'm speechless til now, probably still in shock that we personally saw Katy Perry. Her beauty of that of a goddess. She didn't seem real, although I stared at her for like an hour. She's so (fucking) purr-fect! I feel so bad and sad that I won't be going to her concert in Manila today. Poverty, ugh. Her hair was blue by the way. She's like the ocean and the sky, heavenly.

(Sorry about the pictures, I couldn't take a good one for my camera's zoom capacity was just up to there.)
#12: Etcetera
After a long and tiring but fun day, we went straight to Dairy Queen where we grabbed ourselves a cup of dessert. It was heavenly next to Katy. Then we proceeded to our favorite SM store of all time, National Bookstore. I bought R. Kwan Laurel's Ongpin Stories; Thea bought Dumot; and Mea bought a 'love' book (I cannot remember the title, but I can remember the price, gosh Mea). 

Then there was silence. 

We went home. Oh we didn't. Yet. We stopped by at Yellow Cab in Calamba to grab some delicious dinner (I ate half of the pizza haha). We were laughing once again. 

Indeed, Carpe Diem. 


  1. Yen!!! I love how you write. I was smiling the whole time I was reading this entry. Feeling ko kasama niyo ako doon while I was reading every line (Haha! Feelingera pala).

    1. Hey Jan! Thanks for the kind words. You are such a warm person. I hope to write more. And I hope to hear a lot from you, as in not in my blog but wherever we bump into each other in the cyber world. But I'm really looking forward to seeing you in person. :)