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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rant and Report

Was it God or us?

I spent the whole day yesterday in total panic and anxiety because of the loads of schoolwork that I needed to accomplish. School can get crazy sometimes (or actually most of the time), even for experts in time management like me. Deadlines just keep on piling up each day like they're never gonna stop and the best thing to do is just freak out... and curse of course, like a zillion times. It's even more rattling when you have both school and work striking down on you. And all you can do is ask a big "WHY?"

So hello there, 2012. I think I had a glimpse of the end of the world yesterday. I had no fvcking idea how I am supposed to survive an extremely hectic schedule, one where there is even no room to breathe in. I had to finish a report for my ENG102 class in the morrow but I can only start working on it after my last lesson slot in RareJob, which is 12MN. Say what? Plus I also have a written exam in French11 in the afternoon. And a major paper due Friday. Another paper due Friday. And more open slots in RareJob. I am not complaining or anything, I just want to share some good news that might probably make some of you feel better, just in case you're going through the same hell of a kind situation.

Let me quote a famous saying from Helen Keller: "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." That's exactly what this post is all about. This is all about overcoming one's weaknesses, the world's darkness, and the inevitable like suffering, pain, misery, and everything else we call bullshit. In the end, one thing is for sure, the good prevails. Besides, things always pass. Phase-in. Phase-out. Nothing is permanent, except for change. And that exactly is the point. Life goes on, unless you're six feet below the ground already. But even in that condition, some things still happen though like when your body decomposes and so on. 

Today, I and my friend, Mea, overcame another tough phase in our lives. We were nearly suicidal before we delivered our report in the morning but our report turned out to be an excellent one. "It was a very good report," remarked our instructor. We pulled it off even though the third member of our group quit a few hours before. I must tell you, this whole roller coaster ride has been a nerve-racking experience, but out of it, lessons were learned, and this sharing was made possible. 

Our friendship saved the day. And I bet God did, too. 

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