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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Ides of March and POLITICS

I cannot let go of this film without writing a review about it. So before it ends up in stock and storage (electronically), please do hear me out.

Plot summary from imdb.com : An idealistic staffer (Steven Meyers played by Ryan Gosling)for a newbie preidential candidate (Governor Mike Morris played by George Clooney) gets a crash course on dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail.

This movie even me feel right about my impression of Politics. They say politics is a game only played best by a few, but I think otherwise in a sense that it isn't even a game. In politics, the one who rules the game also makes his own rules. End of story. It is manipulation, in purest sense.

To talk about politics makes me already wanna puke a load of bullshit. I know no one's forced me or is forcing me to say anything, but at this moment I just feel compelled to write this review which very much involves politics.

Controversial story. The movie exposed the truth that there couldn't be integrity in Politics. Made me more cynical about the world. THE WORLD IS FULL OF SHIT, WHAT CAN WE DO? Perhaps just sigh? Really, what can we do? Nothing. Politics is like a vast network of veins wherein the same deadly and abnormal cells circulate in all of it. In this network, nothing can be filtered. In short we got no choice. Everything has been decided for us and upon us. A revolution could work maybe, but yes, only maybe. And who cares about revolution now? I'm sure majority would just log in to their Twitter and Facebook accounts and would say that their revolution would be in an online manner. Why not? Why the fucking not. 

I think I myself am screwed as this post. It didn't even satisfy the basic components of a review. Apologies and thank you.

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