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Friday, January 13, 2012

Own Truths

Recently, this video has been circulating in the online social community and has indeed captured the not-so-hard-to-get public attention. Blame it to its title perhaps, "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus", for it really makes an appeal and leaves the public more curious and vulnerable to clicking its link and eventually spending some 4 minutes watching this video. The first time I watched this in Youtube, I noted over some 3 million views but then after a while, when I viewed it again, the stats quickly jumped up to 6 million! A number as big as that could not just be ignored considering the content of this video. Have we thought of the possible effects or influences of this kind of video? I am not writing this to defend anything or anyone, I just wanted to make sense out of this. Sure this video does makes sense, but when you post something like this in the internet, expect to get feed backs such as this one. 

Now is the part where the virtue of respect comes in. We have different opinions and different religions, so NO ONE HOLDS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH FOR EVERYBODY. Not any institution, not this guy, not you. (And absolutely not me.) We can only hold the absolute truth for our own selves. We can only make choices and decisions for ourselves, and let others make their own. However, we must understand that we are part of a larger group thus the need for sensitivity and responsibility.

I personally hate religion too. It is way too institutionalized. And is full of hypocrisy. In fact I can write a critique of my own religion grounded on capitalist and feminist theories. But I would rather not do it because I have huge respect for other people's beliefs. I am not exactly saying that the guy in the video was wrong, I just think that it was at some point unfair. He was only after Christianity! How about other religions? Is Buddhism not a religion? And Islam? I think he did not look at the entire picture.

We have our own truths. That's my point.

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