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Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Your Blog Gets Noticed

My heart skipped a hundred beats today. You know, that moment when your humble blog gets noticed because of that one link you posted in Facebook. Moreover, it freaked me out when 'someone who I look up to' posted a comment on one of my blog entries and my blog stats went up! Way, way up. I didn't even think or assume that people would notice my post and actually bother to open and read it. This was totally unexpected, so guess where my overwhelming reaction is rooted from.

When your blog gets noticed:
  • You freak out. And say, "Oh fuccckkk. What the hell did I do." Then you let out a big sigh and you don't even know what kind of sigh it is. Relief? Regret? Remorse? Or just random sigh? 
  • It really can drive you happily insane. Smiling ear to ear, silently screaming your voice out, and listening to your heart throb fast and loud. 
  • You post posts about your overwhelming experience and by doing that you know you attracted more attention to your blog. 
  • Now you say to yourself, "The Pressure is (fucking) On."
It's amazing what hyperlinks in the internet can do. And what internet itself can do. I'm still feeling so high... because of that one comment on my blog and also for the more than the usual kind of attention that my blog received since yesterday. I am gratefully overwhelmed. I pray that this may lead to something  great. Who knows what the internet can do, right? 

So now is the time to say thank you and show my appreciation all to those who bothered to check out my blog. I know you guys were just plain curious but I hope that you also did enjoy reading through my blog. Special thank to my best friend, Althea, for calling my blog 'decent', so now I have the courage to share this secret to everyone. 

All the best indeed! ☺

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