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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Twelve Extraordinary Agenda for 2012

Time check. 11:15PM. January 11, 2012.

I started making this list a few days before New Year last year. ...New Year last year, that sounded weird. But anyway, tomorrow will be another day, but it is also the 12th day of the year. No, I do not have any special plans but I wanted to see at least a complete list of my goals for 2012 tomorrow. So what do I got here..

  1. Travel to 12 new places you've never been to in the Philippines.
  2. Get a passport and visit a foreign country before the year ends.
  3. Open a bank account with a passbook and meet your total quota of savings (top secret) for the year.
  4. Say goodbye to your braces. Hello, retainers.
  5. Be a beach bum. And wear a bikini.
  6. Take my siblings to a travel destination in Bicol. CWC, maybe. Do this during the sembreak.
  7. Read 3 books per month. Watch 3 movies per week. Write everyday. Go see as many concerts, shows, lectures, seminars, etc. The list!
  8. Make a masterpiece out of your blog.
  9. EAT. Fine dining at a hotel. 
  10. PRAY. Go on a pilgrimage. Go to confession. And believe in God again. 
  11. LOVE. Fall in love. (You might as well try to work out a romantic relationship this time.)
  12. Learn to drive our car. And go on a  road trip. 
Time check. 12:15AM. January 12, 2012.


  1. Cool yen! I didn't know youre blogging! Happy new year! best luck on your list!

    1. Ma'am Ai! This is so so so surprising! You'll never imagine how much your comment meant to me. You're one of the people I look up to. Keep inspiring lives, ma'am. And stay hot and pretty too. All the best! :-)

  2. I love how goal-oriented you are! Keep it up. check out my blog too. hihi. And, I do hope that I'm a part of your number 1 list (let's go visit a Philippine tourist destination together). But not this year. My plan for 2012 are lots of backpacking trip alone. :)) Oh wait! That defeats the purpose- these are your plans for THIS year pala. haha. Perhaps, 2013. :))

    1. Hey there soul sister! We'll go make memories. Ya ready? See you real soon.