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Friday, February 3, 2012

Ms. Ai and her winning smile

Another love story. Another love topic. Another love post. Trust me, I'm not doing this deliberately. It must be the air (love is in the air) or something that brings in all this romantic shit and I find myself very welcoming of these ideas since yesterday. What's not to embrace anyway? Love is bittersweet, but I'm only embracing the sweet part and sparing myself from the bitter part. So here's one:

Feed your hearts by reading this article: http://opinion.inquirer.net/22123/a-winning-smile

Hey I did smile! And I bet you did too. I feel so lucky to have heard this story from Ms. Aileen Macalintal herself! She was my English 2 instructor back then, in 2009, before she quit teaching at UPLB. 

Well moving on, after I read her article, I messaged ma'am Ai on Facebook this: 
Ma'am Ai! I couldn't help myself from THIS after reading through 'Winning Smile'. It was most absolutely WONDER-FULL. Your story sure did touch many hearts again. Lagot kayo ma'am, marami kayong pinaasa this coming Valentine's, and magiging overrated na rin yung bus scene. Oh I have a confession to make by the way, whenever I ride an HM bus in Cubao, or any bus for that matter, your story would automatically pop into my head and I would HOPE that the same thing may happen to me also. But then I always say to myself that I'm sure my love story's gonna be different, but equally amazing too.  
I had a few sentences more in the ending part but they are a bit personal for me to put in here.

Ms. Ai was the one who made me embrace reading, by the way. And yes, she has a winning smile.

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