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Monday, February 27, 2012

Unofficially Yours

Someone badmouthed me on Twitter today for having a negative tweet about this movie. I think she was a die-hard fan of Angel Locsin. Well miss, I like Angel Locsin too but not because I like her means I should like her movie too. Moving on..

I was really disappointed because I have been looking forward to watching this movie for one or two weeks already. In fact, I almost cut classes last Friday just to see this movie. Oh God thank you so much for not letting me do so. I would've killed myself if I did. 

So why did I not like the movie? Let me break it down for you.

One. I don't think journalists wear 5-inch red platform heels at all. Sounds unrealistic to me. But sure, I do get the idea and the point that comes along with that image - because a woman who wears red heels are strong and successful. 

Two. The script was a collection of cliches. Sorry if I set my standards really high on this part. Why? Simply because they talked about writing, particularly journalism, in the story so the lines are supposed to be not cliches, right? Or at least exceed the that level of being a mere cliche. The lines were so gasgas.

Three. I think only heard one musical score during the entire movie. There wasn't even a theme song, was there? A good musical scoring can help a lot in building the story, the tension, the plot, the entire movie actually. I think they were short on this part. 

Four. The movie needs more editing. Transitions weren't smooth, etc. I think Star Cinema and Director Cathy Garcia-Molina can actually do more than that.

Five. The movie was like a video montage of advertisements. Obviously the movie had a lot of sponsors. That means more money, so good for them.

Six. Sex. Since the movie started with a love scene, progressed with more love scenes, and more love scenes, I, as an audience, is now giving a casual and superficial reaction in return. I was not, AT ALL, moved by the movie, its characters, or even its story. I thought it was shallow. 

They say that if you have no nice thing to say, just shut up. So here'e the nice thing:

Seven. Both John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin looked so handsome and beautiful, respectively. That's it.

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