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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Day

Happy Leap Year!

Given one extra day this 2012, what will you do to make it count? 

Okay, so here are what I SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE but I DID:

1. Went to a party called 'Hook Up'

Thank God I didn't really hook up with some random loser at the bar. Or, or, or, thank God that no random loser hooked up with me because I...

2. Wore a spaghetti-strapped top
... that totally made me look like a slut (-ish). I thought I would look hot in it, so. But hey I was! I think. And my friend thinks so. Why am I being so defensive.

3. Got drunk over a few glasses of mixed drinks 
Or were they cocktails? I have no idea. I just drank them because they looked like an alcoholic beverage to me.

I've always had a VERY low tolerance of alcohol which is kind of a good thing actually, but not when I am in a bar or in a drinking session because there is always a VERY high tendency for me to do #1-10.

4. Smoked a half pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights (if that would make this mistake lighter)
I don't know if this counts because I never learned or couldn't smoke the right way anyway. 

5. Succumbed to Drunk Texting (for the nth time)
This is my number one sub-problem to my drinking problem. 

So I texted him. I know, I know, it was so stupid! I've already made a complete fool/idiot/moron/dumb/stupid person out of myself so it's time to stop. I know I should've stopped a long time ago. But love has taken its toll on me you know. Damn it!

So this time I deleted his number from my phone (I don't memorize his number but I can recognize his text messages, but he barely texts me, so) so there will be no reason anymore for drunk texting. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I also deleted all messages in my inbox, outbox, saved messages, ALL MESSAGES OKAY. So I lost all sweet, nice, encouraging, inspiring text messages from my family and friends because of this one guy. Really damn it!

6. Danced dirty on the dance floor
And embarrassed myself again because my dance moves were lame and weren't even sexy. So I tried to do some sexy dance moves.. Oh it was horrible! Damn it.

7. Approached a guy on the dance floor and told him "Hey, I like your smile."
Oh, shit. What the hell was I thinking?!

Here's the back story: the guy was part of the Hook Up dating game, he was one of the searchees. Now he happened to be a classmate and friend of my friend so I told my friend to introduce us to this guy. I was tipsy, okay. So they came over but I was so torpe, played hard to get (WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT), and was a little snob. So he left. 

Going back to the damn dance floor, so I approached him, told him, "Hey, I like your smile." He replied, "Thanks!" I know, he was totally not into me. But at least I got a reply. It was pretty hilarious and absolutely stupid. Damn it.

8. Shoved my best friend away when she tried to walk me home
Seriously I wasn't thinking during that time anymore. But you know what sucked about it? That is my friend and I had company and by company I mean a super pogi special guy friend of my friend. I think I ruined his good impression of me. So there, damn it.

9. Cried so much in a lonely corner back at my apartment (just like in the movies)
It was around 2AM and one of my housemates went out of the room to go to the toilet (hey it's 2AM, it's wee hour).. and I totally shocked her when she saw me crying in the corner. Her reaction was crazy I couldn't even describe it. Ha-ha-ha!

P.S. I think my tear glands are on automatic everytime I get drunk. You know I am really drunk when I start crying.  

10. Wrote and finished my History synthesis paper due later that day
Cool, right? Nay. Seriously it was stupid. 
But I must say, I finished the paper really quickly because whenever I am drunk, my communication sensibilities are always on high.

So the big Guy up there was so kind enough to give me an extra day to live this year and look what I did. This day shall live in infamy. If only I could just tear this page off my book. Hello, regrets.

Realization: I wasn't trying to be cool at all because everything I did was actually lame. I am cool just the way I am. My life is awesome already, no need to prove it. Damn!

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