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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Today, I bought a new phone and I'm not naming it this time. So just meet, my new phone.

No way, this is not a review of Samsung Galaxy Mini. Just a user reaction.

This phone only cost me Php6000 and you bet, it was a great deal. Price is low, phone is great, perfect combination! Besides, since I got the money from my own pocket, it's the best choice to make. Before I bought this phone, I actually considered buying a Blackberry 8520 or Samsung Galaxy Ace instead, but what will I need them for? I have an iPod (4th gen) touch if I want a mobile surfing device, a Sony Camera (14.1 megapixels) for taking great photos, so what I needed was just a replacement for my poor, old Nokia phone.

Anyway this phone is great both inside and out, just like its owner. Haha! So yeah, satisfied buyer here.

P.S. A year ago when this was just released to the market, my college bestfriends were strolling in the mall and came into a Samsung store. We looked into the newly released mobile phones and they called this one the 'Yen-phone' but I didn't agree with them.. But look now, I got the 'Yen-phone' finally! ☺

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