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Friday, June 8, 2012


A week ago, I turned 20. Hardly did I even notice how swiftly those number of years came by. But before I braved the exciting and challenging world of adolescence, I first had to wave goodbye at the bittersweet years of being a teenager.

A close friend of mine once said, "We're young; we're entitled to be stupid." But when you've hit '20' on your lifeline, you know it's not the way to be. Sure there are still room for mistakes, but they also have to be mature mistakes. I guess this is what happens when you spend one whole summer with grown ups. They'll shake you up until you're wide awake to your soon-to-be reality. Because eventually it will be. And given a glimpse of your future environment, you begin adapting to it. That's when everything changes.

Everyday now, I feel like I must act on something. I've gotten too paranoid like I always hear a clock ticking and again I know I gotta do something about it. Or this is all just over thinking. Maybe. Or I think it's all about the pressure, pressure on different sorts of things. And it's complicated. I'm confused whether I should take life seriously and act maturely or continue living young, wild, and carefree because life is short and only happiness counts. Yeah, probably this is all just over thinking. I better blog about it too.

Anyway, as a young adult, here's my first thought balloon: I realised that there is no other way in life but moving forward. We can only reminisce the past or dream of the future, that's why it is important to live in the present because it is the only concrete, absolute thing in life. No matter how we cling on to memories, especially the good ones, new ones will take place and eventually we will move on.

With two decades spent, I could write a litany of the people, things, events, places, and feelings that took place in my life for which I am so deeply thankful for. And as I continue growing up, I am certain that I will have more reasons to celebrate life for. Cheers to life!

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