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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Before Sunrise & Before Sunset

Watching the brief but magical encounters between Jesse and Celine across beautiful and romantic European cities will make you fall in love with their story, the characters, and the notion and kind of love that was presented in these films. Listening to their profound conversations will make you ponder on life and decide for yourself which one you will believe in and live with. Story is sort of common, but the plot and the script were uniquely and captivatingly written.

Borrowing the words of my friend who learned from me about this movie, "Before Sunrise is a cultured and beautiful movie." She hasn't watched Before Sunset yet, but I'm sure she'll be fascinated by their love story.. all over again.

These films deserve more words of praise, but its brilliance has left me with no words more than lavish exaggeration. These films are brilliant. Enough said.

It's third sequel, Before Midnight, is coming in 2013. Can't wait to see what happens 9 years after Jesse was about to miss his flight.

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