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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


"A modern-day musical about a busker
and an immigrant and their eventful
week in Dublin, as they write, rehearse
and record songs that tell their
love story."

When you're 20 and your IQ for music is low and insufficient, it's definitely hard to catch up. It's like learning a new language. And sometimes, it could get a little depressing. Your folks know which artists to listen to, which genres suit their taste, and which lyrics to master. Music is one of the many factors that define a generation. In my case, I know my generation based on other media or channels like movies, TV series, books, and of course, from myriad of posts on social networking sites.

It is my habit to check out a movie in IMDb first before playing it. I read the synopsis then leave it to my mood whether I'll watch the movie or not. Also, IMDb rating matters to me. Time is gold, you know. I want it spent wisely so I also choose wisely when it comes to movies to watch. I prioritize.

I have retired from watching musicals. I just don't see the point anymore in spending more time listening to the actors sing when they could deliver their lines right away. Is there a certain amount or form of rhetoric in this kind of approach wherein lines are sung instead of recited? Or maybe, some forms of art really just take more time. And patience, too. Anyway, aside from Glee, the TV series, I watch no more of such sort. 'Once' is not actually a musical. It is a music film and at first, I was hesitant to watch it, but I took my chances, and after an hour and eleven minutes of getting to know the characters, watching how their story unfolded, and listening to their music, I loved the movie. Definitely.

This movie has no bullshit or whatsoever. It's not your typical drama or romantic story between two musically-inclined strangers who fell in love... It was subtly a love story, the theme revolved more around their music as an expression of their romance with their past lovers and probably their feelings for each other too. The characters did connect, but the connection wasn't solely romantic. Their souls connected through music. It was beautiful. Real and straightforward. It was unique and special, rid of the common techniques and styles employed in mainstream movies. Of course there's nothing wrong with mainstream movies, but 'Once' gave me a different movie experience. The material was genuine and natural. It's filmmakers were able to preserve the freshness of each scene, no crappy editing that ruins the human touch or spirit. It's as if you were with them in the span of their story. It's authenticity and simplicity made the real felt surreal -- but a real kind of surreal. This was the magic of the movie. Pardon my inundated words but the movie was really so good. Fresh. A must watch.

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