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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Give me a break, give me a view

Just when I needed a break from loads of grueling school work and a taxing part time job, a simple and intimate out of town to this little city with stunning, scenic beauty calmed every atom in my body and soothed my state of mind. The view of Tagaytay from the top reminded me why it is so good to live in the Philippines. Lately, I have been pretty cynical when it comes to matters involving my country but my faith in its natural beauty never fails. Just take a look at these photos (excuse my poor photography skills and the limited view I've captured) and see what I'm talking about. 

Among the facts and promises that they teach us in school, especially in primary and secondary levels, to boost our love and pride for our country, I must say that they spoke true about this one: that the Philippines is a rich country when it comes to natural resources. Indeed. With 7,107 islands comprising our archipelago, I doubt if one will ever ran out of natural beauty to explore and marvel at. That is why it is my earnest hope for every Filipino to see views like this more often than they bother to do so, so that they could see this goldmine that we have in our hands and hold on to it, celebrate it, and nurture it ─ instead of letting them foreigners take the most out of what is ours. This country is blessed; unfortunately, some of us choose to believe the other way (I am somehow, sometimes guilty of this) and some tend to overlook or even ignore this fact.   

One of the many cities and tourist destinations that we take pride in is the city of Tagaytay. The following photos from the top pose a striking view of the city's lush and verdant regions.  

It was the perfect ending to a semester that's almost over, and a new phase in my life that's just begun. 

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