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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goodbye, Pope

From the movie 'Pay It Forward'

It is the last day of February. 
A world leader, Pope Benedict XVI, is stepping down today. 
Tomorrow is the first day of March. 
It is the month of graduation. 
How many among our future graduates, myself included, 
will actually do something to change the world? 
At least Pop Benedict XVI did. 

And we need not be a pope or a global leader to effect change.
We could be like that boy, Trevor, 
who just tried to stop a bunch of bullies at his school
from beating off his friend. 
They stabbed him, and he died. 

Trevor died to save his friend. 
Jesus Christ died to save humanity. 
Perhaps we, too, could die a little 
(literally or symbolically)
to make this world better. 

God bless the former Pope. 

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