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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars 2013

I'm still confused myself... but perhaps the Academy was confused too, in choosing Seth Macfarlane as this year's host. Yes he was awesome (as some people would say), but he was pretty rude too (what I would say), especially to women. You know, jokes about women's parts ("We Saw Your Boobs"), women eating disorders (the flu joke), women stereotypes (that we don't ever let go, or that we're such nags, or we're difficult), violence against women (Chris Brown beating Rihanna), younger women hooking up with far too older men (Quvenzhane Wallis hooking up with George Clooney), etc. To Mr. Macfarlane and the Academy, there's nothing honorable about them.

I just think that the Oscars wasn't the appropriate venue for Seth  Macfarlane's cringe-worthy jokes. He could've let Ted, the talking teddy bear he created, do the talking in some scumbag movie instead.

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