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Friday, February 8, 2013

Seven Psychopaths


The movie didn't fail it's promise of a bloody good time. I've read a number of reviews and yes they were affirmative of its genius. While some thought otherwise, their opinions were still pretty decent because the movie really was decent to begin with. Not literally speaking of course, as it was outrageously mad, crazy, violent, and quite morbid, but delightful still. I mean, you are most likely to enjoy watching it (albeit some moments of shock -- but if you do find shock enjoyable, why not). There's no doubt about the former part of my description -- the dark part. For justification, exhibit A: the very title of the movie: Seven Psychopaths. Or as the characters might say, Seven fucking Psychopaths. The catch about this movie is, sir Martin McDonagh (writer and director), tried to subvert.. Subvert, hmm. Twist. Yeah, let's just use twist. From the beginning until the end, the movie imposed on that twist on the nature of psychopaths which we all think is just plain dark. But Marty, the struggling writer who was writing a screenplay about these psychopaths, was a pacifist. This isn't something that his best friend Billy didn't already tell him: Marty's subject was about psychopaths but he wanted his movie to be over-all about love and peace. At first, I thought such idea was impossible and ambitious, naive even. Surprisingly, somehow, the movie was able show some love and peace, balance carnage and compassion, that in the end, I became fond of the characters (who were psychos, for the record). But then again, it was all just fiction. 

Also, I liked that the movie had a lot of meta. Marty writing a screenplay which they are already acting upon..  Dream sequences.. The movie was smart.

Up next: 'In Bruges'. Another comedy-crime film by sir Martin McDonagh starring Colin Farrell who played Marty, the writer, in Seven Psychopaths. My favorite character was Billy though. It was played by Sam Rockwell and I think Seven Psychopaths might just be the turning point in his career 'cause his acting was pretty much amazing. Anyway, the ensemble of actors in the movie was effective. They all did a good job.

I'll bloody watch Seven Psychopaths, if I were you.

I am not a film critic, but I enthusiastically and passionately enjoy watching films. I like sharing my thoughts and though they may not be too critical (for my taste, or maybe yours too), it doesn't matter. Nietzsche said, "It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind!" So, just read on.. and judge the movie on your own. 

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