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Saturday, October 1, 2011

RESET, baby

Hello. I just deleted my previous blog entries since I realized they did not really make any sense and it would just be a waste of cyberspace if I do not take blogging substantially. I redesigned my page, though it's still petty, but I'm stuffed with new and better ideas for this project.

"There's no better day to start than today." Said I won't redo my blog 'til my 20th birthday and give it the title, "The Chronicles of a Young Adult" where I would be blogging the randomness of my post-teenager experiences and the comings and goings of a soon-to-be adult. Things kind of went off track with my writing lately so I thought it wouldn't be the perfect timing to fuel this blog again but turns out, today is always the perfect timing.

But prior to this epiphany, somebody lit my hopes up and made me embrace writing once again. It was my teacher in ENG101 (English Prose Style) who effortlessly urged me to grab a pen and begin to write all over again.

As I take off from this point to a vision of living this passion, cheers. It's going to be a long, long way...

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