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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Letter to Baby Noel*

To baby Noel*,

This is why I hate the leaders of our country. All they care about is money when they should really care for the people who have put their hopes up in the hands of supposedly generous but rather greedy politicians. They have taken, are taking, and will continue to take everything away from us. You, baby Noel, were taken away from your birth mother by mere lack of choice. She loved you to the point of giving you up so you can be in better hands. I usually hate, even curse, mothers who just leave their child in hospitals or orphanages for the reason of incapability of raising the child due to extreme poverty. I used to think that that reason is just lame. But now that I have actually been a part of your life -yes, of someone who was given up by her mom-, my heart does not feel neither hatred nor anger towards your mom. Instead I feel her pain, and the yours of course (even though you're still a baby). Whenever I hear you cry, I would think that you probably are looking for something 'genuine' in your life, that is your birth mother. No one can ever replace that, I understand. I know that from the moment your mom gave you up, things in your life will not anymore be complete. Something will always be missing. This is really breaking my heart. I decided to accept the responsibility of being involved in your life, because I know I have much love to give you. I want you to be a happy person when you grow up. So I promise to just stay here, and be there for you no matter whenever you call. I will not give you up or give up on you.

I love you everyday,
your guardian angel.

*not the baby's real name

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