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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Mother's Crazy, Crazy Side

December 11, 2011

I left LB around 7:30AM that day. My body, too tired, didn't really wanna go. But I must and I really didn't have a choice. Cavite is at least 2 hours away from Los Baños; first I have to ride a jeepney to Calamba then take a van to Dasmariñas. A long trip (relatively) such as that was actually a pleasure since it gave me time to get some good rest (the van was really cozy) and just marvel at the panoramic view of the countryside. It was early Sunday, so traffic was okay.

I and my siblings grew up surrounded by our relatives from my father's side, while we have just started getting to know and spending time with those from our mother's side. Well it doesn't really make a difference since both clans/family lines are way too conservative and traditional and (like what I said before) very Puritanical. They are very strict when it comes to nephews and nieces getting girlfriends or boyfriends, not going to church, having bad grades at school, hanging out with wrong people, dressing up indecently, cursing, or even petty things like having 'inappropriate' haircut. Can you imagine how narrow-minded they are? They're so friggin' tight they absolutely need to let loose!

However, last Sunday, I was really very happy and shocked to see some coolness in my tita Gingle and tito Boy! They so far are the best! After baby Gino's christening at Dasma's church and reception at Max's restaurant, we had this sort of after party which is your typical Filipino inuman. Tito Boy bought some lechon and lots of other pulutan and lots of drinks of course. I was starting to get bored since I thought we were just gonna watch them drink and get drunk and that's gonna be quite annoying because that would be a waste of time when I still have RareJob in the evening, thus I have to be back to LB by 4PM at least. But nooo, the girls were included in the fun too! I think it was one of my best drinking sessions ever. As expected, I got drunk over 3 bottles of ladies' drink and I went home wasted. Yes, for the love of myself I couldn't walk my ass off anymore to LB and attend to my RareJob classes so I had to stay overnight at their place. The fun didn't stop there. When we arrived home, I threw myself at the bed and took some quick sleep. When I woke up, everybody was like taking care of me. I was indeed drunk, and even after I got some sleep, I was still drunk. My tito is the most maasikaso person in the world! I said I wanted noodles so he cooked some for me and made me drink coffee too! That's the best part, I swear. I do not drink plain coffee but he made me drink a few cups. To end the night, I slept in their room and we talked and talked and talked until we all fell into sleep.

That little break was all I needed.

P.S. Tito Boy also made one of my wishes in my Christmas list come true! A BRAND NEW GOLD WATCH by Clark Ford from Dubai. Awesome right? Thank you my dear Santa/Tito Boy!

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