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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Once again it's Christmas

Christmas is in the air.

It is yet again the most wonderful time of the year. How great it is indeed to the end the year with a blast of happiness, merry-making, sharing blessings, and experiencing love. December is that one time of the year when people care least for diet, money, and life problems. Everything is just as bright as the Christmas lights at the streets, as colorful as the Christmas lanterns on the walls, and as lively as the Christmas trees in the not-so-quiet-anymore corners of people's homes. Most especially, it is the time of the year when people have to be nice for Santa Claus is coming to town. ♫

Today I went to town.. I mean to the city. And I must say, Christmas is officially on for me! I really had a great time today spending my hard-earned money for Christmas shopping. I knew I kinda planned this, but everything just turned out impulsive when I was at the mall. I barely realized that I have spent more than my budget. I know, I cannot believe it either. But I didn't splurge. I know I bought really useful things and I know too that I spent my money indeed wisely. I'm just really happy that I went out today and treated myself. I have been working so hard lately that I have been so unfair to my body as well. So I thought a nice treat such as shopping will do.

Here are the things I bought:
  • A New Camera! Hello, SONY CYBER-SHOT DSC-W560! This week and the entire holiday will surely be jam-packed and a nice camera would really be of such a big help. To capture moments is my new goal now. After all, we just get to live one life. We cannot rely merely on our memories. What if we get amnesia or Alzheimer's disease in the future? So it's definitely nice to keep a record that we can look back to someday in the future.
  • Since I got my Nokia 5320 mobile phone (which is originally my mom's), I cannot exactly remember if mom gave me the charger too but for as long as I can remember, I have been borrowing chargers from everybody! *laughs* Finally today, I got my phone a charger and I now I think my life is more complete. *laughs again*
  • Three shirts, one dress, one sweater, one sleeveless (to pair with the sweater) and I must say, Great Buys! I have a new favorite shirt. The blue one with gold accents. Got it for Php150 only and it is really beautiful. It's like it was especially made for me for it fitted me perfectly. I love them all.
I know I spent my money well.


By the way, I traveled back and forth for like SIX (freakin') HOURS! Traffic in the Philippines really sucks! What a major, major, major waste of time. I cannot forgive whoever is responsible for the management and operation of the traffic system in the Philippines, especially in Manila, is. He's not doing his job. When will things get better in this country?

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