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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To the Forestry, Again

In UPLB culture, a student is defined by the organization he belongs to. I have once been an active member of my own organization and I pretty much understand why that is so. In my case, I practically joined my org out of socially-motivated reasons. But it didn't work out for me for a long time. I was deluded by the idea that being surrounded with more people will make one happy; this doesn't work out for everyone. I am contented with few but good ones. Also, I felt the urge to fulfill my social responsibilities such as helping and reaching out to my fellow Bicolanos and countrymen but for some reason, I think my org failed in that aspect. That was a big let down for me, when I saw that the org wasn't fulfilling it's supposedly primary duty. I had to leave before I start hating them. So now I'm back to being a Barbarian.

However unpleasant the way things have turned out, I must say that not all of it was bad. It is just fair to remember and still be grateful for the good things worth remembering. Our batch is number one on the list. An occasion like our first anniversary last December 12, 2011 is considered a grave sin if missed. I had to cancel some classes in RareJob so I can come to our dinner party. Everybody came, so I'm glad. I just hate how some people change for the worse actually. Isn't that stupid? Well who am I to care anyway? Sometimes in life, we just have to accept the bitter truth that some people don't want us in their lives anymore. At the end of the day, we can only accept and move on. Sorry for the drama.

So after dinner, some proud picture-taking, dessert at McDonald's, we decided to part ways.. Oops, not yet. It was late already and Thea, one of our batchmates who lives in a dorm at Forestry, had no one to go home with. And so we decided to walk her to the forestry. To the forestry! But this is not the first time.. Last year, almost the same December, we also walked her home and that time, there were just four of us unlike this time when there was six of us. It was scary and creepy but it was fun. We were afraid of so many things such as NPAs or Aliens abducting us, dogs biting us, or forest monsters or ghosts haunting us. It was a crazy experience. But I must say that I really had fun that night. We walked for an hour or so back and forth.

Once again, I conquered one of my greatest fears - walking through a forest at night.

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