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Monday, January 16, 2012

Miss Independent

Independence is something I did not ask for in my life. I think I was born with it. Something I can call my own, like a legitimate part of my body. And I carry it all the time. Dear reader, let me tell you this: it is freakin' heavy. You think being independent means being free? No. Independence and freedom are two different things. Life is good when you're free; but when you're independent, life is a serious shit. Know the word 'responsibility'? You carry it around when you are an independent person. You cannot not care for chrissakes. 

Everyday I wonder why mom ever let me become independent. Dear parents, in the future your children would marry, move out of your house and live a life of their own. As you grow old (really old), you think of those days when your children were just literally children and you can just do whatever you want with them. But I wonder if mama also thinks that way. Mama is different. At least with me. I remember when she was pregnant with my sister, she entrusted me with buying the goods that we sell in our store and I was only 6 turning 7 years old! At that young age, I had to wake up 5 o' clock in the morning because I needed to go to the wet market because goods are fresh and cheap in the morning. I learned how to make tawad (haggling) and know which goods are fresh or not, overpriced or not, like a real clever customer. And I was only a kid! That's how I grew up. Real and practical. 

Dear mama, you didn't have to look after me because I did it for myself. I was not a trouble for you. Financially, maybe yes, but not really. I am a good daughter. I think I pretty much earned that. But I wish you were not so cold, mama. Not so cold... 

So unlike some kids in my age, I did not have to work for my independence. In return, I have to work for everything else. Consequences. Hence a working student. 

Self-made and self-sufficient as I am, you bet I am indeed mature and serious with life, but I am not a boring person. Go ask my friends. Or befriend me and I'll prove you. Lately, I cannot stay in one place anymore. It's like my feet have developed their own brain and they literally want to go to far places as far as how their brain could imagine. Why not?

TODAY : Mandaluyong City, Philippines

First stop, Shrine of Mary Queen of Peace or more commonly known as EDSA Shrine. Okay I'll be honest, when I came, the mass was almost over but then I stayed to pray the rosary with the other people. It felt so good. I felt it was a blessed Sunday indeed. 

Mass at Shrine of Mary Queen of Peace, Our Lady of EDSA (EDSA Shrine)
Filipinos are deeply religious.
Then I took the pleasure to take a short walk from EDSA Shrine to SM Megamall, which is my next stop. I had a good time watching and observing things along EDSA, the people, the billboards, the buildings, the train (MRT), the pollution, and especially the traffic. It was worthwhile.
SM Megamall (photo grabbed from Google)
Greenwich's overloaded meal. How delicious!
St. Francis Square (photo grabbed from Google)
Last and final stop is St. Francis Square. It was a marathon! Tiangge is a marathon in search for the best buys. But I here was successful. So I came home with three bags from my shopping spree. Bought a pair of sneakers, a Kipling bag from tiangge (why buy the original one that's like Php10,000+) , several clothes (tops), a great book (The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald), and some groceries. I know I spent my money wise and well. 

I wish you guys had an amazing Sunday too! ☺

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