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Monday, January 16, 2012

Si Barthelme at si sir Dennis

Metro Manila Commission Professorial Chair Lecture

The Literary Appropriation of Science
Barthelme's Postmodern Fiction as a Possible Resource for UPLB Literature

Professor Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo
16 January 2012
NCAS Auditorium
The Program
Prof. Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo on his Professorial Chair Lecture 
A Short Note:

I am no fan of Science. You'd probably expect a CommArts student to say that. Well I definitely worship the Humanities, especially literature. In fact if ever given the chance to take up another course, it would be Comparative Literature. It's probably the best course for book lovers like me, but of course in the package would be studying literary theories, ideologies, and principles. They make it worth the ride. 

UP Los Baños is a really science community. That explains why the BA (Bachelor of Arts) programs in the university cannot get enough 'appropriation.' I think. So I can also see where this is all coming from. We have got to be scientific too in order to be 'appropriated' enough. So we have got to have 'appropriation' of science in our literary terrain. 

I cannot discuss on this further anymore, because if I do I might ran out of ideas for my reaction paper in one of my subjects. But it was a good lecture though, very relevant indeed.


A lunch treat by a friend definitely sufficed for the day. Best thing that happened to me today. ☺ Twas my first time at MERNOVENLI's (I know, such a weird business name). Both food and service were great. A must-try here in Los Baños. Will definitely be coming back there. 
Inihaw na liempo @ Php55 only
Ambush lunch date avec mon amie dans Mernovenli's

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