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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lady Driver

Sometimes titles are exclusive. Whether of gender, race, or social class, there's always the issue of discrimination from the party who is at the down side. This whole matter is in fact classic; as classic as Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, Mark Twain's Uncle Tom's Cabin, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and (last but not the least) Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter - all of which bared the issues on social injustice and inequality and the human race has been battling these issues since the time of Adam and Eve. While some won't let go of these issues, some (oh thank God) might actually have.

Earlier today as I rode the bus back home, I was surprised and at the same time impressed when a woman sat on the driver's seat and actually started the engine. I did not believe it at first (I seriously thought she was just kidding us) and I know I was being prejudicial. I looked at the faces of the other passengers to find for myself affirmation that it was indeed shocking that the bus we were riding was being maneuvered by a lady and I was right for their eyes too were as hard as ice on her. How does she feel driving in Manila traffic? Does she get nervous? How did she get the job? Is she given fair treatment by her boss, her colleagues at work, or her passengers? I was so curious that I really just stared at her until halfway of our trip, just right before I fell asleep on my comfortable seat. I wanted to interview her. I could have done so actually, with or without the Storyline agenda.

One of the many exclusives that men get or have in society, or at least they think they can, is the title of a driver. Of course millions of women have been enjoying their freedom to take on their own wheels to the highways but how many women do you know are pilots, ship captains, or even bus drivers? The world thinks that the big ones can only be handled by men. I say DO NOT EXCUSE THE LADIES. If you can, we most definitely can too.

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