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Saturday, May 5, 2012

a BIG surprise

Nothing beats the feeling on that Thursday afternoon when our supervisor in PETA showed us a copy of Business Mirror on the page where our press release got published! WOW, as in my eyes couldn't believe they saw 'Yen Lim' on the paper! See this is all new to me. This is nothing like getting your work/s published in school papers way back in grade school or even high school. This one's really big of a deal. I have this dream (or goal) of writing an article worthy of being published at Philipinne Daily Inquirer's Youngblood. Now I will really push through with it. And not just in Youngblood perhaps, in New York times even! Well that was ambitious. Whatever happened to my I-don't-really-wanna-be-a-writer drama? Anyway, I shall make Youngblood happen! In the meantime, I shall first enjoy the glory of this humble new experience (and achievement too) of mine in the hope of more to come. 

[This post is late.]

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