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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A very special birthday greeting (repost)

I has been long since I saw her sweet smile. It has been long since I heard her boisterous laughters. I has been long since I laid my warm hug on her fragile shoulders.

I will never ever forget her, because she was part of my little group of admirers. The little group of people that understands the strong personality that I have to show to protect my vulnerable spots, my blind sights. I will never forget the sweet note I got from her after giving her some hard time kneeling and screaming out straight to her. She gave it to me discreetly with the request not to show it to anybody.Okay then and I brought it home.

I almost forgot it but when I was resting after a tiring day, I thought of giving it a look. I was smiling the entire time I was reading it. Not because it was funny but because I was overwhelmed. I never thought that it was the same girl whom I thought I would not like due to some things I can't understand, would even be the same girl who gave me much appreciation and respect. 

I barely know you, I totally admit it. That is why I would always ask someone else who knows you better whenever I have questions about you. And after some explanations, I would then understand things out. Not knowing you, is something I regret and something that I totally would have done.After sometime, I just noticed that I no longer got to see  you in any ways possible. I never saw you then. So again, I had to ask. With your personal text message, you explained and I admire you for your professionalism. You, leaving us for a while was not something that I initially approved but I had to understand that you are doing this that you need in order to continue with your academic journey. I didn't felt cool with it. I even asked myself: "Why are the best people in this organization suddenly need to go and find themselves with the consequence of leaving the org behind". 

I needed people again to enlighten me on this things. Well, the bottomline is I just miss you. I miss my madi who wrote that simple message of appreciation. I miss my madi who makes the organization go wild and noisy. I miss my madi whom I admire for intelligence. I miss my madi who showed us that in life, sacrifices can mean leaving in order to continue living.I feel bad that I have to say this to you in a manner that I cannot hand it over discreetly and tell you not to show this to other people. I feel bad that I have to say this now and that I may not get  to see you so often even from afar.

Dearest Irene, I still look back and remember your kind words in that letter whenever I feel so down and unappreciated. I miss you that much and please, I want to see you back at Bugkos with so much laughter and smiles. I know there are a lot of people that misses you back there.Happy Birthday Madi! Me loves you.

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  1. I almost felt sad that after you made my note as a highlight in your timeline, you still don't have a comment. HAHA. I realized I'm so clingy. HAHAHA. Anyway, I also tried to look for a picture of us together, but it turned out the same way, we don't have a photo together. Now, I'm glad, actually ecstatic to read this blog of yours. I am more than ready to have you too in my life, and it's for a lifetime. Continue that bright path of yours and I am always here to listen to your endless stories. Me loves you <3