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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A super happy birthday post!

Three days ago, I started going through people's birthday greetings to me in Facebook and in Twitter and I got so overwhelmed it took me three days to absorb their wonderful deeds. These people really gave me too much good memories to hold on to that I'm still hung over my birthday. I am not overwhelmed by the number of those who greeted me (we know how Facebook and Twitter are when it's our birthdays), but by the efforts of those who truly cared. This post may be late but that doesn't make my gratitude and appreciation of these people and of what they did any less. My heart never fails to remember so these people be ready because my arms are so ready to give them a big warm hug everytime, flood their phones sweet and corny text messages, steal quick kisses on their cheeks, ass grabs, or I simply show them that wide, warm, and weird smile that I have. Oh you guys make me so happy!

To my college bestfriends Mea and Thea, I will never ever ever ever get over what you did for me last May 30, 2011 and this May 30, 2012. You never fail to give me the PERFECT BIRTHDAY I always pray and wish for. I wouldn't ask for more. You two are always enough (more than enough actually). Thank you for surprising me at the office! You know how I always love surprises, and you always manage to make it work with me. You two give me the best memories. My life would be damned without you two. Now it's just beautiful.

To my high school bestfriends MM, Monique, and Noreen, you made my heart melt! I am beyond happy and grateful for the kind of friendship that we have. Ours knows no time and distance. You were the best part of my high school life and is still the best part of my college life knowing that we are solid. I am amazed with the fact that we always try to find a way to meet halfway because that is how much we treasure our friendship. And for accepting me for who I am (you've seen me both at my best and my worst), you remain in my midst and choose me still as your bestfriend. Thank you for surprise-visiting me last May 31 and for making me not know what to call my birthday anymore. Because I tell you, I was overjoyed. 

To Ms. Leah Marie Sernal, for writing this note: 
http://yenwrites.blogspot.com/2012/06/incredibly-sweet-repost.html | This one tops all the other surprises because I never expected and totally did not see this coming. Ate Leah and I are not exactly the type of persons who would jive together so we were never close friends. But we shared two things in common, I think. First is the organization, and second is, something only the two of us understand. It's what the note is all about. I'm still overwhelmed at the thought of her taking time writing that note for me. You know time is really of great importance, so when a person gives you his/her time, be grateful. And I am, a thousandfold. 

To Aniks, Fiel, and Danielle, you make me the luckiest and most blessed person on Earth simply for being my bestfriends. The thought of having you in my life gives me an assurance that indeed I'll never be alone. I'll never know what to do without the three of you. I so wanted to see you on my birthday, so let us please see each other as soon as we can and celebrate! 

To my babes, Sandra, thank you for being the sweetest and most thoughtful girl friend in my life. My heart's so glad to know that you're always there, just there for me. Please do know that my life wouldn't be complete without you, so please stay. Babes forever? ☺ And thank you for this wonderful greeting. So glad to see your lovely smile!

To my bosses and peers at Knowledge Channel (sir Yong, sir PJ, sir Ian, sir Jeff, ms. Nikki, sir Joseph, sir Japz, sir Bergh, kuya Gids, and kuya Will), I was more than happy to spend my special day with all of you. There's no place else I would have wanted to celebrate my birthday than at the office. You've made me strong and happy. It was the best summer with the best people! 

And to all those who remembered (without Facebook's help) and truly cared, please know how much I appreciated your sweet and kind thoughts. 

There are never enough words for me to express my overflowing appreciation and gratitude of your sweetest thoughts and kindest efforts. I will spend everyday trying to give back the love and happiness you all made me feel. I will always remember.

Oh, by the way, here's a video of what I call a very happy birthday. I made this because many years from now, who knows if I'll have Alzheimer's or die young, I want a concrete copy of this incredible birthday memory. It would just be too sad to forget it. Happy Birthday!

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