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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Goodbye, June. Hello, July!

Imagine someone grants wishes over the internet. Or someone is browsing through the hashtag '#JulyWish' on Twitter and randomly grants wishes. Could be yours, could be mine, could be anyone. That would be splendid, right? It's barely 8 in the morning and I've had too much wishful thinking already. Maybe I should go make myself a cup of coffee. Or, write down my wishes first. ☺

1. Find an excellent concept-slash-direction-slash-approach for my practicum manuscript.
I was supposed to meet up and consult with my adviser last week but the task of coming up with an outline or a concept paper as the initial step in writing my manuscript is not as easy as I thought it would be. I can really feel the pressure right now ─ the pressure to come up with a really good manuscript. It is my masterpiece in college, that's why I'm treating it like it should be. Now I'm running out of time and I really need that concept so I can start crafting my masterpiece already. I can't be too excited since I'm still lost and grappling for the most brilliant ideas. So please just grant this wish already.

2. Take me home.
I AM DYING. TO SEE. MY FAMILY. I last went home in March. I know it's not that long of a time yet, but they're my family so it's normal that I keep wanting to see them all the time. I can say that I've been gone from home since high school and I know that after college, when I start working already, I will be seeing them less. I wish the wind can carry me home. RIGHT NOW.

3. Let it rain money in my room.
I don't want it for anything fancy. I just want money to buy me tickets to concerts, theater plays, new movie releases, events, TRAVEL, and other socio-cultural happenings. It's not fancy right? I just want experience. Whoever said, "Money can't buy happiness" must be so naive. I got this quote from Tumblr and it says, "You can't buy happiness but you can buy ice cream and that's kind of the same thing." Now that's it, man. That's being real. Excuse me, but, money can buy everything!

4. Help me get that 'title'.
I wish to not write about it in details but I'm aiming at something really big and which I could only tell you after 8 to 9 months from now (disclaimer: I am not pregnant). I need to work on some numbers and I will really give all my best shot but I figured a little wish/prayer won't hurt. May this wish and my will make it happen!

5. I'm 20 and I still got no boyfriend since birth. I don't know what exactly I'm wishing for here, but I just want to feel that kind of love from a real gentleman/man, because I was not lucky with my father, I got no guy friends, I only have a platonic kind of relationship with my uncles and with other men figure in my life, so I don't know how it feels to be loved, protected, and cared for by a real guy. I don't know. Whatever. This is nonsense.

But I'm wide awake already. Maybe this whole #JulyWish and blogging thing are just part - or extension - of my dream from last night. I'm still in my pajamas and already starving. I better eat breakfast and chew this all in. Hello again, July!

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