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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ma famille et les photos

Tin-tin, JM, Adrian, and Nicko
As usual, I was on my late night/early morning ritual of watching American TV series, if not studying. Remember the line, "nothing good happens past 2 AM?" Well it was past one o' clock in the morning, approaching 2AM and I don't know what happened but my mouse started pointing and clicking at folders of old photos stored in my laptop. I make it sound so dramatic, don't I? Anyway, to cut to the chase, I ended up browsing through old photos and got stuck at them I even threw my MGT101 handouts away. Just look at what I found. 

This photo was taken at least 4 years back, soon after our youngest baby brother was born. His name is Nicko; he was born on November 5, 2007. I did the Math and he's turning 5 this November. Looking at this photo, I feel like I skipped one of the best parts in our lives ─ our childhood, or should I say, their childhood. When Tin, Adrian, and JM were just babies, I was only a kid too to notice and pay attention to human stages and development. But now that I'm a young adult, I feel like I'm way ahead of them. I wanna raise them, smother them, and spoil them! Oh I just wanna have those days back, when we were young altogether. 

Let me share with you more of the photos that made me shed a bucket of tears tonight/today:

In the first photo is Mama when she got discharged at the hospital after she gave birth to Nicko.
Trivia: all of us were born at home. Only our youngest brother was born in a hospital. 
I think Mom got a little scared since it was her 5th childbirth already. 
She's one strong human being, isn't she?
And the second photo, that is Mama and our few months old baby boy, Nicko.

One of my good qualities is that I am very good at saving money.
Guess who's your Santa Claus? Me!
I bought Nicko that bike on his second Christmas.
Therefore, look who's having a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
This is my favorite Christmas photo ever,
because it is also the last time that Christmas Tree stood at home.
This is fat and healthy baby Nicko in our first car ever.
(That is if you don't count our van as a car.)
Nicko seems so happy about his first car ride ever.

Of course, all of us had our moments with our baby brother:

 So you've met my little angels, the love(s) of my life, my strength and inspiration, the reasons why life is so worth living, my light in the darkness, my faith, the air that I breathe ─ my life.

Celebrate your family.

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