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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dans le bus

A bus ride
this blog post
and Change.

Bus rides are like prison cells ─ as you step in, suddenly you are a captive of distance and time. As you are kept on your seat, all you have is time that is bound by the lack of activities and movements thus allowing, more like forcing, your mind to inevitably wander off without extent. It is a breaking point, for all your inhibitions, apprehensions & repressions, reckless thoughts, mad ideas, crazy dreams, and wild imagination.

Number one rule in life, do not overthink (especially for girls). Question: how do you know when your thinking has exceeded the level where you have to stop thinking? Is there even a standard measurement for that? Are we therefore setting boundaries to cognition which is the ultimate measure of humanity? Now that's overthinking again.

Anyway, whatever thoughts that one bus ride baffled me with sure did make me come up with this change in my blog. Did you notice? 

So welcome to my third overhaul and I'm calling it: LIFE AND LETTERS. What do you do with life and the letters of the alphabet? You figure 'em out so that they will make sense and have meaning. Writing and living are very close relatives indeed, so I figured.

For all of life's simple pleasures and great joys, celebrate them everyday.

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