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Monday, July 9, 2012

Food lovin', trippin', and lovin'

Part of achieving balance in our lives is granting ourselves those little breaks in between work or school. After a long and tiring day/week from work or school, wouldn't it be pretty nice if we reward ourselves with a good snack, a movie treat, an hour at the spa, a walk or a run in the park, sightseeing, or simply an hour or two lying in bed and watching a good and entertaining movie? It's just an extra little effort, but it can make our lives healthier. We cannot take life seriously all the time because that will easily burn us out, make us feel old, unhappy, and discontented. It's called unhealthy living. Voltaire once said, "I decided to be happy because it is good for my health." By pursuing our simple joys and guilty pleasures, we rightfully give ourselves room for more air to breathe and happier body cells. ☺

Here's an example of a delightful treat:

Conti's Mango Bravo is definitely one you shouldn't miss.
It surely is my most favorite cake!
Php 145/slice
Php 625 Mango Bravo mini
Php 1150 Mango Bravo regular 
Viennese Mocha Torte @ Conti's
Php 95 only
Viennese Mocha Torte
Caesar's Salad (solo) at Conti's
Php 95 only
Pancit Palabok @ Conti's
Php 105 only
Cakes and pastries at Conti's are really affordable, and absolutely delectable. 
You can visit this link for their menu: http://www.contis.ph/

Shanghai Rolls @ Max's
Chopsuey @ Max's
Max's Original Fried Chicken
Pancit Canton @ Max's
Max's Per Table Menu A (Half)
Approx. Php1200 only
A complete set menu, from soup to dessert, good for five people, just right for the whole family and friends. Includes the following dishes: Max's Fried Chicken, Soup of the Day, Pancit Canton, Chopsuey, Lumpiang Shanghai, Plain Rice, Caramel Bar. Serves 5 people.
You can visit: http://www.maxschicken.com/index.php?

Ever heard of 'great taste at affordable prices'? Count this one in. 

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