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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Il Tazze

It is never too late.

I'm just a few leaps away from the finish line now. Those three years sure did pass so graciously quick. Much I owe to that Supreme Being for bestowing me enough self-discipline to focus on both my short-term and long-term goals and for the plans and ambitions I am yet to make, and for the wise, brave, and steadfast spirit that held and kept myself in tact and in good state in the midst of all trials, troubles, and tests.

But one surely could not have it all. My mind was too set on certain goals that my eyes were set straight on that one path. I think I did miss a lot of good stuff along the way, to be quite frank. One of my many regrets is not having explored and not being thoroughly familiar with the town I spent some good number of years in. The town of Los BaƱos is a beauty, and our UPLB campus is so lucky to be resting on the plains of the majestic Mount Makiling. There still are so many places here I have not been to: IRRI and its well-talked about restaurant, the Dampalit Falls, hot springs, Flat Rocks, the Philippine High School for the Arts, a major part of the Forestry area (especially the Botanical Garden), and more that I do not know of. But I still got a semester and a half left for all these, you betcha, posts will come soon.

Today, I finally went over SEARCA's famous cafe, IL TAZZE CAFE, and instantly fell in love with the place. Although it was small, it was cozy, fresh, and not so overrated. The place is perfect for a small group of friends to chill and hang out, or for people who like to be alone to unwind after a stressful day at school. It's not yet mobbed, so I like it. And in terms of its menu prices, they are relatively cheaper and more affordable for students than other cafes and restaurants outside campus. I'll definitely spend more merienda time in Il Tazze.

Php 75 only
Potato Casserole
Php 65 only
Brownie a la mode
Php 55 only
(A friend's treat)

Do bring your friends! They make moments more special and unforgettable. Also, don't forget to capture some really cute photos for keeps!

See you in Il Tazze! ☺

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