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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Back Up

Let me tell you the story of Will Freeman in the film 'About A Boy' where he is literally a "free man" for being happily unemployed, wealthy, a bachelor in his 30s, and for claiming the absence of family and friends in his life. However absurd these given conditions are, Will's character does exist in his own island, as he calls himself so. In fact he thinks he is Ibiza and considers himself an island dweller who just needs to visit the mainland from time to time. Then Marcus comes along, the 12-year-old boy-hero who first saved himself from being socially-awkward then saves Will too from his shallow (right, that sounds like hollow) and superficial life. In the end, Jon Bon Jovi was right, "No man is an island." and all the characters found their back-up.

Sometimes, I think I am an island too since I often find myself isolated from social circles or groups. But unlike Will, mine is not by choice. If I would be an island, I would like to be surrounded by 7, 106 others, just like the setting of the Philippine archipelago. But something has been keeping me away from the other islands. Maybe just like Will, my back up is on it's way too to serve as glue to my own Pangaea.

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