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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Puerto Galera: A Beautiful Escape

At last, we made it happen. The three of us have been wanting for long to get away from the routine, the mundane, the common. Thus we searched the map of Luzon for a possible destination in which the total expense is relatively cheap as we only had meager budget allotted for this trip. 

As the master planner of the group, I was in charge of the itinerary, bookings, and other plans. Successfully, we all made it work. Need proof/s? Browse or read on. ;)

After having breakfast at Jollibee in Turbina,
we took a Jam Liner bus to Batangas Pier.
We left the terminal around 7:30AM. 
The trip from Turbina in Laguna via the Calabarzon road to Batangas
took us only an hour and a half and I must say that, as first timers,
we really loved the green and lavish scenery of nature from our windows.
We hardly slept and just stared at such beautiful view.
So we arrived at Batangas Pier at 9:00AM.
Here's our photo before we boarded the ferryboat. 

Our fellow tourists and vacationists.
They looked more excited in person though. ;)
Not a hint of seasickness at all.
Our happy and energetic souls after surviving an hour and a half trip on the sea.
The boat did rock us, but we rocked it more!
Our first photo and first steps on Puerto Galera soil.
This is our cottage.
We only paid PhP 1000 for one night. Good deal!
Visit their site: http://mountainbeachresort.com/
Puerto Galera is divided into three main areas: White Beach, Tamarraw, and Talipanan.
White Beach is the most commercial with its long chain of bars, restaurants,
souvenir shops, tattoo shops, hotels, etc. It is also the hub for Puerto Galera's 'night life'.
Not sure what's in Tamarraw area but there also cottages and inns there.
We stayed in Talipanan, the most serene and private of all.
That's what we aimed for anyway. 
Before we set out to our activities planned for the day!

The 'Day Life': a bombardment of photos

The photos we took were overwhelming, thus I'm posting just 10 of them and hopefully they would give you a glimpse or an impression of how truly serene the beach was and how relaxing and liberating it was to have a vacation in this beautiful spot in the Philippine archipelago. 

The 'Night Life'
@ White Beach

Fire dancing at the White Beach.

Next: Bar Hopping.
Not your typical Girls' Night Out! :D
To make a long story short,
we drank 2 pitchers of that and we all PASSED OUT. ;)
A photo op with the gay-tentainers.
They made an entertaining performance
we tipped in a little amount for their talent and guts. 
Mindoro Sling - a foe for the sober and a friend for the drunk.

Although this was a 2-day vacation, more or less we only spent 24 hours on the island, 4 hours on the sea for travel, and the rest for more commute. 

Final stop @ Leynlie's Bar II for a refreshing cup of Mango shake,
drinking it under the coconut tree and overlooking a panoramic view of the sea.
It was pretty nostalgic already, for we knew we would be missing the island.
Plus we hated the commute on sea so we didn't want to board the boat just yet.

Farewell.. almost.
And we're back to where we came from - the Pier.
Vacation's over.
So is this blog entry. 
I keep blog entries like this because someday, I think it would be better not just to browse through photos but to read through their captions as well. Pictures speak a thousand words, sure, but written words are more accurate and since time might smear or smudge our memories, it would be nice to keep a more vivid record of how great it was spent. :)

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