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Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm baaack!

To the 8500 and counting viewers of this blog, thank you. Thank you for putting up with the triviality of this blog. If I gave anyone of you a hard and even impossible time while reading one or two or some of my posts, I am sorry. I know there's no point in being apologetic, but I would like to be courteous.

I was on the verge of taking this site down tonight. I thought this blog was a waste of cyber space. I find most of my posts insignificant and insubstantial. And worst, I feel that this whole thing is an embarrassment of my petty little brain. The self is really one's harshest critic. I have cut myself some slack already. That's what the two months I abandoned this site were for. 

Then I started thinking very hard about the things I really love and enjoy doing. To name a few, there's reading and collecting books; watching movies, TV series, and random videos; regularly browsing through my bookmarked blogs, news sites, and other sites; social networking maybe; and exploring the world of music, history, literature, culture and the arts via the internet. But such endeavors would not be complete without sharing and telling the world about it. There's just something fulfilling about that. It completes the whole experience.

This is the beauty of life: an opportunity always presents itself. Change can always happen. And we can always hope for the best. 


Cheers! Let me know what you think about this epiphany by leaving a comment. Or you may ignore this post. I'm totally cool with that too. 

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