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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My first UP Fair

PART I: Pig Out
This is one of the reasons why I came over to the city today. Food
A friend once told me, "We're young, we're entitled to be stupid." 
I leave to you your arguments on that statement, but for me, I think it makes sense. 
Oftentimes, young people do not pay much attention to their diet. We do not realize the gravity of our actions until we are face to face with their consequences, whether good or bad.
Nonetheless, it is the manner by which we deal with them that matters.

I'm just thankful to God for all the blessings that he's been showering me with.

PART II: A Date with Destiny @ the UP Fair
I have been very hateful of LB lately so I decided to spend the annual and traditional February Fair at UP Diliman, which of course calls the event UP Fair. 
So it was my first time. And my first good fair actually. 
So many things happened that night so let me just tell you my favorite part.

I used to pay no attention to Mr. Gary Valenciano. I only listen to his songs in my iPod but other than that, I did not particularly care about him as a singer. But not until I saw him perform live at the UP Fair. At so many times in his 2-hour live performance on stage, his singing brought up tears to my eyes in the same way he brought out the soul in me. I was touched! By his songs, his voice, his life, his faith. 
Once and for all, I do not want to think it purely was just a show.
Once and for all, I concede to being deceived, manipulated, or whatsoever by show business.
And once and for all, I let go and let God, like what Gary V. said.

Nowadays all we care about is cultural capital, but how about spiritual capital?

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