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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ma

That's my mom and I when I was just a baby.
This photo was taken 20 years back.
What a coincidence. Today I was reading Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being and I came across this paragraph:
"Tereza's mother never stopped reminding her that being a mother meant sacrificing everything. Her words had the ring of truth, backed as they were by the experience of a woman who had lost everything because of her child. Tereza would listen and believe that being a mother was the highest value in life and that being a mother was a great sacrifice. If a mother was Sacrifice personified, then a daughter was Guilt, with no possibility of redress."
Could I be Tereza for this is exactly how I feel about my mom? Without question and doubt, she is sacrifice personified. From the moment I was born (since I am the eldest), it has never been about her. Everything is about her children, us. Oh mom.

She never had her own career. My mom graduated with a bachelor degree in English but since she started her family life early, she was never able to practice her degree. She has no social life either. Once I asked who her bestfriend is, or her friends are, she just walked away with a straight face and without an answer. I cannot remember a single time when she went out with anybody. She is not an introvert or a creepy weirdo, it's just that she prefers staying at home and doing house chores instead. Until now, I still dream of the day when she will introduce us to her BFFs, an ex-boyfriend, or anyone from her past. I would love to know my mom more. She is also not materialistic. As long as her basic needs are met, she's good. She doesn't ask for more. She is always contented with what she has. In fact for her, less is okay. She wastes no time watching TV, listening to rumors in the neighborhood, going to the spa, or/and other activities that do not benefit her family. She has made everything entirely about us. How selfless could that be. HOW SELFLESS COULD THAT BE.

So to the most selfless mom in the world, Happy 43rd Birthday! You gave up everything for us, and I will not hesitate to do the same for you. You will not die alone, mama, because I will stay by your side forever. I will spend the rest of my life taking care and loving you. I love you with all my life. Happy Birthday again!

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